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Final Thoughts on My USB 3.0 HP Pavilion Issues

Posted in Microsoft Robotics@Home Competition with tags , , , , , , on April 2, 2012 by Todd Christell

As they say here in the Ozarks, I finally reached a “come-apart point” on Saturday.  My machine started blue-screening again every time I connected to the Eddie control board.  After a few sullen hours Donna (my partner in this endeavor) insisted that we look for another laptop.  So Donna, Canin and I went on an exploratory shopping spree and ended up with a Samsung Series 7 laptop.  Luckily Sam’s Club  has a generous 90 day return policy on defunct equipment (and I was only on day 28) so I didn’t have to eat the cost of the defective laptop.  Let me say here that I LOVE Sam’s Club and the way that they treat their customers.

So,the Samsung laptop is WONDERFUL.  I could wax poetic on the attributes of the laptop but to remain focused let me remain somewhat pragmatic.

All of my blue-screen problems have disappeared, both USB 2.0 and USB 3.0.  I tried everything that I have learned that caused a problem; and, although I’m really good at breaking things if I put my mind to it, I couldn’t cause any problems.

Other, non-bluescreen problems that I had that I hadn’t attributed to the HP laptop also disappeared.  These included:

  • My normal comm port (com 3) hanging.
  • Inability to connect to the CommService.
  • General flakiness with communications between the laptop and both the Kinect and the Eddie control board; physical issues to which I had incorrectly been attributing coding problems.

Common denominator –> USB hardware controllers (or associated drivers).

Anyway, my HP laptop cost me weeks of confusion, useless re-working and frustration.  Some blue-screens simply resulted in a reboot, but others would require a restore point.  I got to the point that I was creating a restore point (plus a backup of my software) every time I reached a significant point in my code.  This came from one experience where the restore point required me to re-upgrade to both the Kinect SKD 1.0 and RDS4 (non-beta) not to mention all of the code that I hadn’t backed up in the last hour or so.

If I were just dinking in my basement this wouldn’t have been such an issue; but I have May 1 as a due date and this has been deleterious to my end.

My Samsung is a breath of fresh air.  I purchased it late Saturday afternoon and started downloading and installing all appropriate software (it’s amazing how much software you load without thinking about it) for the project.  Luckily my Visual Studio license survived the transfer to the new laptop.  By 1:30 Sunday morning I was up and working and in in the remaining hours of the weekend I accomplished more than I had in the intervening three weeks.

I LOVE my Samsung.

I’m not sure if I’m on track, but in these last weeks once again productive and productive, in any form, is better than hassling with ancillary elements that don’t have a direct bearing on the requisite goals.

I will be going to a Communities Broadband Summit in Dallas for my real job, from April 24-27 so I am really only talking about three remaining weeks to catch up

Did I mention that I LOVE my Samsung?

Thanks for your indulgence.  I feel better now and, as I’ve said, I was looking for a challenge…

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